Karto SDK 2.1 now available!

New features in Karto SDK 2.1 include:

  • C# wrappers
  • Bug fixes

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Want open-source software?

  • Karto Open Libraries 2.0 (LGPL) now available!
  • Includes single threaded mapper
  • Includes automatic loop closure
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Karto SDK 2.1 now available
Karto SDK 2.1 now available


What's new:

  • GPS Anchoring
  • Custom Items (RFID, other lasers, images)
  • TiledOccupancyGrid
  • Improve Ability of Resuming Mapping
  • 64-bit Support for Windows and Linux
  • New Topic-based Publisher/Subscriber Network Module
  • Improved Error Messages

"I would like to provide the highest possible recommendation for the mapping, localization, path planning and exploration capabilities developed by the SRI team. I have worked with their mapping technologies over the past four years and am happy to say that the technology has truly matured into a product that is ready for prime time use. It can be used to support user-focused end-products including some of the military and DOE customers who need mapping of hazardous environments. I also believe that these capabilities can be used effectively by robotics researchers who wish to bootstrap their robotics development efforts."

David J Bruemmer
Principal Research Scientist
Technical Director of Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Idaho National Laboratory, [url]