Karto SDK 2.1 now available!

New features in Karto SDK 2.1 include:

  • C# wrappers
  • Bug fixes

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Want open-source software?

  • Karto Open Libraries 2.0 (LGPL) now available!
  • Includes single threaded mapper
  • Includes automatic loop closure
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Karto SDK 2.1 now available
Karto SDK 2.1 now available


What's new:

  • GPS Anchoring
  • Custom Items (RFID, other lasers, images)
  • TiledOccupancyGrid
  • Improve Ability of Resuming Mapping
  • 64-bit Support for Windows and Linux
  • New Topic-based Publisher/Subscriber Network Module
  • Improved Error Messages

"Integrating the Karto mapping, localization and path planning functionalities into our robuLAB10 robot has allowed us to get one step further in the autonomy of our companion robot for elderly people. We can now provide to our customers a robust solution where you can ask the robot to go to the living room by natural language, and the robot goes! Karto has provided a solution that would have taken us months to develop and robustify. "

Damien Salle
Manager, Research and Development
Robosoft, [url]