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Karto SDK

The Karto SDK is a comprehensive software solution for robotic navigation and mapping. The SDK libraries incorporate some of the most advanced and robust algorithms for high accuracy mapping and autonomous navigation and exploration. Combining the libraries with a well-defined, easy-to-use application programming interface creates a solution that enables robot developers to integrate state-of-the-art capabilities into their products.



  • “When I worked at SRI, we developed a 2D SLAM mapping system that was among the best. Karto is an industrial-strength version of that system, and I’m glad to see that its core components are available open-source. We are working with Karto’s developers to make it the standard mapping technology for Willow Garage’s ROS robot software and PR2 robot.”

    Konolidge – Kurt Konolige, Roboticist, Google
  • “Integrating the Karto mapping, localization and path planning functionalities into our robuLAB10 robot has allowed us to get one step further in the autonomy of our companion robot for elderly people. We can now provide to our customers a robust solution where you can ask the robot to go to the living room by natural language, and the robot goes! Karto has provided a solution that would have taken us months to develop and robustify. “

    Damien Salle – Damien Salle, Director of Robotics Business Unit, TECNALIA
  • “…technology companies are working hard to provide the next enabling technologies and standards for the robots of today and tomorrow. Soon we will witness a slew of new robotic products in the market which will change the way we live, work, and play. It is only a matter of time.”

    Consumer Robot – Consumer Robot Q&A with Paolo Pirjanian Chief Scientist, Evolution Robotics Robotics Online
  • “Karto provided us off-the-shelf localization, mapping and planning algorithms. This allowed us to move from basic algorithm implementation to high level use of them.”

    Pal – Ricardo A. Tellez AI Research Engineer Pal Robotics
  • “I would like to provide the highest possible recommendation for the mapping, localization, path planning and exploration capabilities developed by the SRI team. I have worked with their mapping technologies over the past four years and am happy to say that the technology has truly matured into a product that is ready for prime time use. It can be used to support user-focused end-products including some of the military and DOE customers who need mapping of hazardous environments. I also believe that these capabilities can be used effectively by robotics researchers who wish to bootstrap their robotics development efforts.”

    Bruemmer – David J Bruemmer, CEO & CTO, 5D Robotics, Inc