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About Karto Robotics

The Karto SDK is currently an advanced development project within the AI Center at SRI International. Decades of leading edge research in robotics and artificial intelligence has produced a robust SDK for use in robotic navigation, mapping and exploration. The Karto software is a commercial-grade research product used by many robotic company across the world.

To begin the dialog with the robotics developer community, the Karto team will make frequent demonstration releases to enable developers to try Karto’s technology within their own products and research environments.

The Karto Robotics technical team is led by Dr. Regis Vincent, a leading researcher in the fields of robotics and multi-agent intelligent systems.

About SRI International


Silicon Valley-based SRI International is one of the world’s leading independent research and technology development organizations. Founded as Stanford Research Institute in 1946, SRI has been meeting the strategic needs of clients and partners for more than 60 years. The nonprofit research institute performs client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, businesses, and foundations. In addition to conducting contract R&D, SRI licenses its technologies, forms strategic partnerships, and creates spin-off companies.

About the Artificial Intelligence Center


SRI International’s Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) is one of the world’s major centers of research in artificial intelligence. Founded in 1966, the AIC has been a pioneer and a major contributor to the development of computer capabilities for intelligent behavior in complex situations. Its objectives are to understand the computational principles underlying intelligence in humans and machines and to develop methods for building computer-based systems to solve problems, to communicate with people, and to perceive and interact with the physical world.

In addition to its leading work in the field of autonomous robots, SRI’s AIC has established a nucleus of long-term projects in other core areas of artificial intelligence, including: planning and problem solving; computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics; natural-language processing; AI engineering tools and languages; distributed systems; expert and knowledge-based systems; discourse and communication; multisource information integration; automatic theorem proving, and program synthesis.