Karto Robotics

Karto Robotics

Software for Robots on the Move



Karto can provide a variety of services to help you develop your robotic products. The Karto team has substantial expertise in developing intelligent navigation systems on multiple hardware platforms operating in real-world environments. This expertise can be leveraged to reduce the time and effort necessary to realize your robotic products.

As part of this professional service, we can leverage the entire staff and capabilities of the SRI Robotics group, which includes mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, materials scientists and software developers.

Case study: Delivery robot

As part of this program, we have developed a custom robot for delivering packages inside an office. We have been tasked to design and build the first prototype. The preliminary design is done and we are building the first robot right now. In addition of all the mechanical and electrical systems we are also building the control system based on Karto. A web interface will control the tasks assigned to the robot.

The robot should be operational by the end of September 2015.