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Map your building

SRI International has a program that lets you have us come and map your building using our technology. This is an evaluation program designed to allow real-world test of our system. The typical engagement consists of  our team coming to the building of your choice in order to build the full map. We use our handheld mapper to create the map and within minutes you can get a draft map.  Once the data has been captured, our team refines the map and within days, you’ll get a CAD file of your building. The cost is variable as travel and size of the building are important factors, if you are interested please contact us.

Case study: Building 409

We did this engagement for a client local to Palo Alto, CA. The building is 400 square meters and is composed of two floors. The owner had previously hired a surveyor to get the map and was using it as a reference. One person in our team went on location, and using our handheld mapper, built a map of both floors in 8 minutes and 57s.  The surveyor stayed for 2 hours.  We emailed the first draft of the map within the hour and the 3D CAD drawing (shown below) the next day.

In the image below, we have overlaid the 3D view generated by the surveyor over our 2D map. On the first floor, you can notice that the surveyor actually made a mistake and did not registered one inner wall at the right place (red arrow).
Building 409: Karto map vs. 3D CAD drawing.

CAD Drawing being incorrect.

The fastest way to produce as-build drawings


If you want to try our handheld mapper in your own building, use our contact page to get in touch with us. If you want to own your own handle mapper, we are pre-selling some beta units.