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If you are having problems with the Karto SDK or have questions about the results you are seeing, please email us at kt-support@kartorobotics.com.

Below, you can find how-to movies as well as answers to common questions.

Common Questions

What is the Karto SDK?

The Karto SDK is a software solution enabling those developing autonomous robots to integrate intelligent navigation and mapping capabilities into their products.

Why use Karto?

The Karto SDK implements proven and robust methods for intelligent navigation and mapping. These methods incorporate over three decades of leading edge research in robotics and artificial intelligence at SRI International. Using the Karto SDK enables robot developers to focus attention on their specific product features rather than the complexities of autonomous robotic navigation.

What robot hardware does the Karto SDK work with?

The Karto SDK is a software-only solution designed to work with the widest possible range of robotic operating systems and hardware environments. The Karto SDK does not depend on the use of any specific sensors or actuators.

Do I need a laser range finder for mapping?

Yes. You need precise range and odometry data for our algorithm to work. We have used the SICK LMS and the Hokuyo UTM-30LX units on our own robot platforms. However, any device that provides relatively precise range data will work.

What robot operating systems does the Karto SDK work with?

The Karto solution has been developed for and tested with the two most widely used robot operating systems, Linux and Windows but it also supports Mac OS X. The Karto SDK is created with a focus on ease-of-integration. As new robotic platforms emerge, Karto Robotics is committed to supporting all widely used robot operating systems. If your robot uses a proprietary software platform, Karto Robotics can assist with custom integration projects to incorporate the Karto SDK into your environment. Please see our services page or contact us for more information.

How to install the license file?

  • For Windows:
    Run the installer and follow the instructions for license installation
    found in README.rtf in the installation directory.
  • For Linux:
    You have to uncompress the tar archive included and place the license
    file in your home directory under the name .karto.lic
  • For Mac OS X:
    You have to uncompress the tar archive included and place the license
    file in your home directory under the name .karto.lic

Are multiple laser range finders and drive devices supported?

Yes, we support multiple devices on the same robot.

What lasers do you support?

We support most commercial 2D laser range finders, if you have a doubt about your specific model, email us.

Do you support multi-robot mapping?

Yes, our mapping module supports multiple-robot mapping as long as all the robots have the same coordinate system.